Selling a domain name which is about to expire in 2 months?

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    Just a quick question.

    When you are selling a domain name to a buyer which is about to expire in a few months, do you tell the prospective buyer to make sure they don't forget to renew it in a few months? Or would they know this and get promoted closer to the time etc?

    Once the domain is transferred to the buyer do you tell them to change the whois contact details or do most buyers know to do this?

    Once the prospective buyer is given the domain authorization code what is the process of changing whois info and making sure to renew the domain? It's the buyers responsibility I guess.

    A follow up question is, what does a buyer with limited domain experience do once they are given the domain authorization code during transfer? Do they place the domain authorization code at a registrar at their choice in order to get the domain transferred to them?
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    If you're pushing and the domain expires in less than 60 days, you should renew. If the buyer is transfering the domain, they almost always get an additional year added to the expiry so no worries there

    If the domain is being transfered, the whois should update automatically. If the domain is being pushed, you should ask the buyer to update the whois if they don't do it themselves.

    This has nothing to do with the auth code. It depends on the mode of handover of the domain (Push or transfer). For each case, see my answers above.

    A buyer with limited knowledge would be coached/advised by me on how to transfer (I ask if they want help with the transfer).

    That said, your question is slighly odd and it appears that you yourself don't understand how domains are transferred between registrars. It might just be your phrasing or you actually don't know - I'm not sure which it is.

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