Selling 2L,3L,4L .com's? Use these comps to explain value.

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    I'm no expert and this is probably info that is "understood" but I just thought it could help.

    when people try to sell 2L, 3L, and 4L .com's they usually let the domain sell itself and don't even bother providing a list of keywords that each letter could stand for.

    But I thought about this.

    in this example below let's find comps for whatever keyword the last letter could represent.

    T in the above domain can stand for. Technology, Times, Travel, Trip.

    Most sellers just leave it at that and just hope for the best.

    Why not go the extra mile as far as data?

    For example, if you are going to say that T can stand for Technology?
    Then why not provide all domain sales that END with Technology since the T is at the END of 16,208 USD 2007-07-31 SnapNames 15,000 USD 2015-04-19 DIS Inc. 15,000 USD 2014-02-09 Afternic 10,000 USD 2014-03-26 Sedo 10,000 USD 2009-04-07 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 8,500 USD 2015-12-21 Uniregistry 8,500 USD 2014-03-02 Afternic 7,400 USD 2009-02-04 NameJet 6,342 USD 2015-04-19 Voove 5,600 USD 2008-03-24 NameJet

    or what about Travel at the end? 116,000 USD 2007-07-31 Sedo 35,000 USD 2015-08-19 Uniregistry 27,000 USD 2008-08-27 SnapNames 25,300 USD 2019-09-08 Uniregistry 23,633 USD 2008-02-05 Sedo 21,765 USD 2007-12-03 Sedo 17,750 USD 2014-09-29 GoDaddy 15,000 USD 2019-04-28 VRE Group 14,500 USD 2019-07-07 DotGlobal 13,000 USD 2011-11-15 NameJet

    or Times? 250,000 USD 2010-08-09 Sedo 46,000 USD 2019-09-17 Sedo 20,000 USD 2016-12-29 Sedo 18,000 USD 2012-10-10 Uniregistry 16,000 USD 2010-09-22 Sedo 15,000 USD 2018-03-14 Uniregistry 10,500 USD 2018-09-18 GoDaddy 10,000 USD 2007-10-03 Sedo 6,400 USD 2012-11-28 Sedo 6,387 USD 2012-11-16 Sedo

    Why provide this info? because ultimately whoever buys your short abbreviation domain probably wants to shorten their longer domain which just so happens to have a keyword at thee end whose first letter begins with the last letter of your domain.

    Makes sense? This is a more logical explanation about how valuable your domain is.

    Let's take it up a notch? how about the H in
    H can stand for Home(s), House, Hospital, Health,Hotels

    So now let's find all domain sales beginning with House 135,800 USD 2011-08-01 NameJet 75,000 USD 2007-07-10 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 40,000 USD 2012-09-30 Afternic 30,000 USD 2006-11-25 Moniker 15,000 USD 2016-01-28 Rightside 15,000 USD 2013-05-08 Uniregistry / DomainHoldings 14,688 USD 2011-01-24 Sedo 14,000 USD 2008-02-19 Private 13,000 USD 2016-01-11 NamesCon 12,823 USD 2015-02-10

    Home 570,000 USD 2010-12-01 Private 500,000 USD 2018-01-21 Donuts 350,000 USD 2015-01-28 NamesCon 166,650 USD 2006-08-08 Moniker 131,299 USD 2010-01-26 Moniker 90,000 USD 2007-04-03 Moniker 81,000 USD 2015-08-23 GoDaddy 75,000 USD 2016-02-02 Rightside 53,700 USD 2007-11-07 Sedo 40,000 USD 2019-08-21 Sedo

    Health 8,133,000 USD 2019-07-31 Private 55,000 USD 2020-03-11 NameJet 55,000 USD 2008-12-17 Sedo 50,000 USD 2011-08-19 NameJet 44,800 USD 2015-02-08 Uniregistry 40,000 USD 2013-12-08 Afternic 35,000 USD 2011-04-07 Sedo 29,500 USD 2016-05-22 NameJet 25,000 USD 2013-06-12 Private 22,337 USD 2010-01-07 Afternic

    And now you have provided an "orgy" of data that is so overwhelming that it makes sense to buy your domain and keep bidding on it at auction.

    Give it a try. What would it hurt?

    note. I think all the above would only work with very short abbreviation domains like 2L and's maybe's but that's a stretch.

    If this is stupid then just ignore and apologies for wasting your time. Thanks.

    Good luck!
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    So if I'm the CEO of a billion dollar company called Bad Example Technology, and I contact you because I want to buy, you're going to explain to me that T stands for Technology? LOL!!!

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