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Shakib K.

HostCram LLCEstablished Member

We are HostCram LLC,​

a US based Wyoming registered company (Filling ID: 2016-000736577) back with our new Ready Stock Core i9 & RYZEN 7000 Pre-order Deals on NamePros.
Our company registration can be verified here.
We also provide Private Proxy, Email Servers, IP Rental & ASN services. We are up on dozens of ISP, Business, Hosting networks, Servers with BGP Session & IP Announcement available.

10 x $10 Account Credit Giveaway!​

Keep the conversations going throughout this thread for a chance to win $10 HostCram account credit at the end of the 2023 BFCM sale. 10x random LET users will be chosen though lottery for this giveaway. I will also match the credited amount and donate another $100 to Global Funds for Children.

RYZEN 7000 Pre-order​

We couldn't get them ready for this year's Black Friday sale. This plan is available for pre-order only right now at a highly discounted rate.

RYZEN: KVM-8G (Pre-order)​

4x RYZEN 7700 Core @ 5.30 GHz
8 GB DDR5 RAM (5600 MHz)
80 GB NVMe SSD Storage
4 TB BW @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4 (Free /48 IPv6)

Order now: $100/Year (Recurring)

Expected delivery: 5 Dec 2023.*
Orders will be delivered on first come first serve basis. Our first shipment of RYZEN 7000 hardware is in packaging right now and expected to arrive in a week from now.

First batch delivery date: 5 Dec 2023
Second batch delivery date: 15 Dec 2023
Third batch delivery date: 25 Dec 2023

Which datacenter?​

I just signed a colocation contract with @FiberState so it's gonna be in our Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC1) datacenter.

Our Core i9 VPS Features:​

Dell Branded Hardware
Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข i9-11900K Processor @ 5.10 GHz
Samsung 4.0 Pro NVMe Storage
SK Hynix & Team Group 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM
Dedicated Intel Gigabit PCI-e Network Card
1 Gbps Bandwidth per node (10G total)
Internap, Level3 & HE BGP Routes
Free /48 IPv6 Prefix on request
Free Monthly Offsite Backups
Cloud Portal Access
Full Root Access
Dallas, TX Datacenter

Easy to use Cloud Portal​

Separate i9 Node for Each Plan! Stock quantity will be updated daily!​

Monster: KVM-8G (Linux & Windows OS)​

4 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
8 GB DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz)
80 GB NVMe SSD Storage
4 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4 (Free /48 IPv6)

Order now : $100/Year (Recurring)

Killer Core: KVM-3C​

3 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
3 GB DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz)
30 GB NVMe SSD Storage
4 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4 (Free /48 IPv6)

Order now : $60/Year (Recurring)

Core i9: KVM-1C​

1 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
1 GB DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz)
11 GB NVMe SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4 (Free /48 IPv6)

Order now: $24/Year (Recurring)

Very limited stock.

Our regular VPS plans can be found here:

Accepted primary payment methods:​

ACH, Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT & 100+ Other Cryptocurrency

Refund Policy:​

Plans or services listed under this thread doesn't qualify for a refund. If you're unsure about something, ask us before buying. Don't buy if you want to do CPU mining. Don't buy if you want to use 100% of your resources 24/7. Those are not email servers. Contact us for buying email servers.

Datacenter info:​

Carrier-1 Data Centers,
1515 Round Table Dr, Dallas, TX 75247

Network info:​

AS39618 - HostCram LLC
Fully owned IP ranges and BGP network routed via Juniper router. We are using Internap (INAP), Level3 & Hurricane Electric (HE) routes & bandwidth. You can ask us for test IP via live chat.

Affiliate Signup:​

We pay 25% commissions for every order placed using your custom affiliate link by tracking visitors you refer to us using a cookie. The cookie will last up to 180 days following the initial visit, so you will get a commission for the referral even if they do not sign up immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us, or sign up by clicking the button below.
Signup >

Photos of HostCram's Future Tech Office (Expected to be ready by July 2024)​

Limited stock available. Benchmarks are 1 year old and for reference only. We don't guarantee the same level of performance. Windows OS available for Monster: KVM-8G plan only. Each order will be reviewed later. We don't care if you are using a proxy or VPN while placing order as long as your account has valid contact info. All questions are answerable via support ticket and live chat. Don't forget to read our TOS, AUP & Privacy Policy before signing up. Thanks.
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