Robbery of refugees from Mariupol - Part Two

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Hello from Ukraine!

Here is first part

Sorry guys that I write here again but there is no strength to fight with such an attitude.

We lost relatives, home in Mariupol (Ukraine) and are now robbing us again - blocking the domain, the only one on which the site was located and with which we somehow survived from the end of March 2022 after evacuation from Mariupol.

Domain name in .pro was registered in 2018-th via aka danescotrading ltd & 5+ years I develope and promote website & in one day I recieve message that my domain is blocked:
Environment: Identity Digital Production Environment
Registrar: Danesco Trading Ltd.
IANA ID: 1418
Dear Registrar,
The following domain was put under the Policy Lock compliance status:
As part of this compliance status, the domain was locked by the following server statuses:
If you have any questions on this subject, please contact your Account Manager.
Kind Regards,
After this message, we asked to clarify the reasons for blocking and tell us what needs to be done to restore the domain... To which we received the following answer:

Dear Registrar,
As a US owned company, we are not permitted to provide services to, nor engage in any transactions with countries, regions, entities, or individuals targeted by applicable US trade sanctions (OFAC listings), whether directly or indirectly, unless authorized under applicable laws. Acknowledging these obligations, the Registry carries out a regular comprehensive review of all registrations in our zone.
As Per our communication to you on 7/6/2023, we identified the referred to “” and suspended it in contemplation of our OFAC obligations.
In accordance with our legal obligations, as the registry, we require the review and verification of registrant records relating to these domains.
Given the nature of the data that has been noted and reviewed, i.e. addresses that appear to be within sanctioned countries or regions, this requires clarification. Please note that any subsequent updates to the registration record, must meet the following additional verification requirements:
Any updated registrant information must be verified as full and accurate.

Any updated registrant information must not indicate a continued connection to any sanctioned country or region.
The Registry shall require verification from the registrant that, contrary to the evidence noted to date, that they are not a resident of a sanctioned country or region. Such evidence should, at a minimum, include 1 form of formal identification and 2 recent proofs of address (i.e. dated within the last 3 months); such evidence must be provided to the Registry for our records; or alternatively, should we receive sufficient confirmation of a US Department of the Treasury OFAC license which permits the relevant registrant to engage in the provision of services, or to engage in transactions in the relevant sanctioned country or region, we shall accept this (this shall necessarily also require ID verification). Please do note that given the potential connection to OFAC related restrictions, the registry also reserves the right to review additional sources, including any content which may resolve via the flagged domain name(s), so as to fully assess our obligations in this matter.
Where the above verification has, in the opinion of the registry, adequately refuted the potential OFAC incompatibility, then the Registry shall ordinarily remove the serverHold.
Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. To do so, you may simply reply to this message.

Ritika Arora
Identity Digital Technical Support
After that, I collected the entire package of requested documents:
1. certificate of a journalist working in one of the leading (printed) mass media of Ukraine
2. international passport
3. passport of a citizen of Ukraine
4. certificate that I am a temporarily displaced person - certificate of a migrant from Donbass
5. copies of utility bills
5.1 water bill
5.2 Gas Bill
5.3 Garbage Collection Bill

They answered like this:

“Dear Registrar,
Unfortunately, we are not able to unlock this domain as the documents shared previously do not match the addresses shared now. We request that you provide us with one proof of identification and two proofs of address.
Also, if the registrant does not belong to sanctioned countries, then please update the registrant details in the registry system. As the registry, we also require the review and verification of registrant records relating to these domains.
In order for this communication to be considered authorized, you must provide us with your security passphrase.
We will process your request as soon as the security passphrase and documents are received and verified.

Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. To do so, you may simply reply to this message.

The documents are all the same but as far as I see, the registrar does not have relevant domain data, but those that were indicated in 2018, at a time when we still lived quietly in Mariupol.

As a result of this whole situation, I received a hypertensive crisis - just last night and I am very worried about how we should be next. After all, we cannot return home to Mariupol because our house and apartment were destroyed by Russian bombs and shells, and in order to continue to live in evacuation, we need funds to pay the bills for the apartment in which we now live with volunteers.

What I can do to unlock domain name? Is anyone help us please?
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Sad to read this, Tatiana. Hope there will be a positive outcome for you. Let us know how it goes.