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    Hi all,

    Has anyone had any experience with or belongs to the former, I understand, which doesn't surprise me...

    I bought a domain from Snapnames two months ago, and they provided me with a login link to in order to access my domain name. The login worked fine, but then I arrived at an almost-blank page with only a few buttons along the navigation bar, which wouldn't do anything no matter what I clicked. No external links, no help pages, nothing I tried did anything which provided results.

    I then found out that they are owned by, so went to their website to see if I could contact them. After finding out that I can't send them an email (or message) without creating an account, I spent I-don't-know-how-long to figure out how to create an account. There is no option to create an account on the login page or home page, and no link that I could find which led me to a sign-up page. I actually searched for it on Google, and finally found it.

    I then headed straight to the contact section, and after trying maybe 20 times (no exaggeration) to get a support ticket through, I finally succeeded. I am waiting now to hear back from them.

    Thus far, I am not impressed at all. They have succeeded brilliantly in vaporizing any chances of having me register a domain name with them in future, or of me recommending them to anyone.

    Again, has anyone dealt with and/or before? What was your experience?

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    3,202 is owned by, who also owns NetSol, Snapnames and Namejet. Try calling/contacting for help etc.

    Also once you get things straightened out, transfer your name far away from them!!
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