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Radletz were meant to be these bracelets I wanted to make but I submitted the idea to the Sillybandz guy and he wasn't sold... And getting them made on my own was seemed pretty expensive to get started... with a patten and getting the parts made. And theEyemates is actually the name of a game I'm making but if I can sell the domain to pay for the game, then I'll just change the game name. Plus, it'll be connected to my cartoons, so no real need for an additional domain. Except maybe for marketing purposes, but I suck at that anyway... Anyway, would really love to sell these both together for only 5,000 or each for 3k, but I already had to take a loss when I let my other domains expire, so I'm not going to be greedy. Just message me with some offers and I'll quickly consider them. (godaddy's appraisal/G.A. = 1,349) (g.a. = 1,139)

Registrar - Godaddy

Renewal Date - TheEyemates expires in April 2024 and Radletz expires in May 2024
Payment Options - PayPal prefered, because I don't know any other service :) was registered on:
Thursday 25th of April 2013
was registered on:
Tuesday 3rd of May 2011
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These expire soon, so if anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks! Open to offers.
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