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    Forums have newcomers everyday and a lot of times its easy for everyone to assume that everyone else knows the ins and outs. This thread is for those new to the extension,whether new to domaining or just looking to diversify and look into .tv.

    If you hate .tv or it sucks start a thread expressing why don't leave those comments in this thread. Feel free to leave any caveat type comments.

    .TV is the country code of the island nation of Tuvalu. For a complete look at the history of .tv you can check out

    The cheapest place to register a .tv name is at The price to register there currently is $10.99 per year.

    Dynadot is also competitive at $12.99 but will be raising their price at the end of June. Per their June 1 newsletter, Register your .TV for the special price of $12.99 before the price goes back up to $34.99 on June 30.
    No code required, just visit to get yours today!

    .tv domains do not renew at those initial registration prices. Domain Monster is one of the cheaper for renewals in the $21 to $23 range. Go Daddy with a coupon code is $24.99. and Dynadot without any special account deals are in the $30's. That's why its important to really think about your name when you register, you can get three years of registration for $32.98 at upfront.

    Verisign is the company that runs the .tv extension. It is the country code of Tuvalu but Verisign runs the operation.

    .TV has a premium system in place, this system has changed over the years.

    Premium names registered after March 18,2010 have one time premium and then regular renewal. Not every registrar can sell them, for example Go Daddy does not sell Premium .tv domains.

    The most popular places to register a premium .tv domain are: will be a little cheaper for these domains, for example an $136.25 at may run $130 at

    It is important to note that these names cannot be transferred. IF you register your premium at you cannot transfer it to Dynadot for a better renewal price. When speaking to Enom a couple years ago about this, they said it was to compensate the registrar for selling premium .tv domains.

    Legacy premiums still exist. For example you may see someone selling an that was registered in 2006 you need to ask them what the renewal is ? It could be $1000 a year, you still have to pay that unless its dropped and then registered for a one time premium and then regular renewal fee after that.

    Who invests in .tv ? Some of the top domainers in the world have diversified their portfolio with .tv

    Igal Lichtman/Mrs.Jello has one of the top .tv portfolios in the world.

    Thunayan K Al-Ghanim/Elequa is another top .tv portfolio holder.

    Rick Schwartz has written that he is a fan of the extension, Rick is certainly a .com first guy but has written favorably of the extension.

    Michael Berkens of and WorldWide Media has a very good .tv portfolio

    Nat Cohen from Telepathy,Inc. recently sold for $25,000.

    Some big .tv investors on Namepros include:

    James Black/JimboJimbo
    John Van den Berg/JohnTV
    Richard Kligman/RPK
    Jim Holleran/DiscoverNow

    It is important to remember that 1) .tv is not new, its not hot, its an extension that some have done well with and some have lost with.

    .tv is not .com, it in no way has the liquidity that .com has, and imo it never will match .com from a liquidity standpoint.

    Less keywords work in .tv than in .com or a major country code. Being selective is more important, things like 3 character domains which have liquidity in .com have little liquidity in .tv.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    It should be pointed out that while the term "Premium" normally refers to something of high quality, with .TV domains the designation of which domains were deemed to be "premium" and the renewal or acquisition prices associated with those premium domains was determined by the registrar. However, there are some nice keyword domains (particularly in Spanish) which never had premium renewals and can be transferred at will between registrars.
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    Thanks for the tips, I think I will go register my domain for 3 years at, amazing how cheap it is.

    To others be careful not to register it with, it's a complete scam, USD $129.00 for only 1 year!
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    I'm also a fan of the .tv extension, think it's one of the few extensions that will be around for the long haul with investors/resellers & website developers. the .tv extension will be around for a very long time in my opinion
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    If you are new to the extension just consider that the great introduction guide that @equity78 did is a little bit outdated on some parts, so double check the info!

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