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Hi NP people,

I seek some guidance regarding a collection of one word .ly domains I currently own. I am interested in understanding their potential value in the current market and also seeking advice on the best platforms or marketplaces to sell them.

Here are a few of the .ly domains I have:

These domains cover a range of niches, and I believe they hold potential value. However, I would greatly appreciate the insights and expertise of this community to provide a more accurate appraisal.

Additionally, if anyone has experience selling .ly domains, I would be grateful for any recommendations on the best platforms or marketplaces to list them for sale.

Thanks in advance
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Hi Sajed,
Presuming these are intended as hacks, I think the aim is to have either side of the dot combining to make an actual word. The second one in your list does, and so might have some value (although I'm not an expert). I'm not seeing much in the others.
Unless you have the Libyan market in mind?

Welcome to np, good luck (y)
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I don't think an end user would buy one of those names. Get a refund if you can.
$5 to $20 ea. = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)
i have m․ly
i use it as short links for my main domain molly․com

i like it