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This is an awesome Turkish domain name which doesn't have any special Turkish characters and has super quality which means "Distant Lesson".
Many universities started giving distant lessons to their students and "uzak ders" means "distant lesson" in Turkish.
This domain can be used to make a giant project like "fiverr" that brings together the students and teachers online, or also it can be used to make a SEO based blog that focuses "universities in turkey and their distant lectures" which is high value on seo and ads as like other countries university keywords.
You also can do your own research or ask if you have any Turkish friends how is this domain. Its like having "" "" "" but in Turkish and with 100% accuracy no unnecessary words or letters included.

Registrar - Spaceship
Renewal Price - 9.73$
Renewal Date - 11+ months.
Payment Options - Escrow, crypto.
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