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Hello, glad I found this forum!

I am new to domaining and have a few premium approved domains on SquadHelp but I have not made any sells yet. I feel like I may be doing things backwards since I will initially list on SH, add their name server and then I will list on which also connects to my Afternic account showing the listing there as well..

Somehow I feel like I see a lot of successes from others with using Afternic and I want to ask others who are more experienced their preference of name servers? I know it's most preference. Also if I switch name servers from Squad Help will that domain no longer be listed there? And if I am listing on Afternic should I be using the parking feature only or the offer landing page?

Thanks in advance!
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It really depends on the quality of the domain or if your pricing is wholesale, retail or high retail.

For super premiums like one word .com you might have make offer landing page.

For average domains priced in the sweet spot ($2000-$3000) you might list with buy now.

I've tried just about every pricing method, landing page, buy now, make offer, etc.

Not so sure much really matters honestly. If a buyer wants the name they will find a way to reach out or buy it.

you and others, should READ squadhelp TOS

Selling any of your domains outside SH platform while your listing is active at SH is a direct violation of our Terms of Service.