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  1. bertpros

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    Happy new year everyone,
    I hv been watching VR domain names trend since last year and the demand seems to be rising every day. I mean four letter domain names that start or end with VR. Just curious to ask if anyone can predict when VR can pick up the way VR is doing now. By VR, i mean pronounceable ones like,,,, and the rest.
    Please sophisticated domainers i will like to hear your views. Thanks
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  2. gilescoley

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    The VR pronounceable names wont necessarily pick up..its the acronyms that have meaning or words in the virtual reality space that might have some VRDev, DevVR, VRHub, VRPod, VRPCs etc..not any random with VR will have value..
  3. alcy

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    yeah.. that could get tricky with just pronoucable VR 5l domains

    if I was you I wouldn't bet much money on putting those in same category as pronoucable/brandable non vr domains... like gopsy.. l erksy.. or the thousands of others..

    what you want to own is stuff like VRltd.. vratm... vrmtb... getvr... betvr

    stuff like that. you can visit VR thread for newest vr sales trends and news.

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  4. Avtar629

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    Glad you brought this up.
    It's a gamble really.

    I like VRWO+L


    VRWO = Virtual Reality World of

    As we've already started reading in many VR related articles they keep talking about Virtual Reality world's

    Virtual Reality will create realistic World's for users to explore.

    That's the point of VR isn't it?

    Now you can go shell out after market prices for

    4L vr domains which in this market how long will you wait for ROI?

    And even then how much?

    300%? Returns?

    So if you buy aftermarket 4L VR domains for say $100-300 or $1000?

    You can only hope to make $1000-3000 profit meanwhile your in the hole for 300-$1000.

    Your choice $300-$1000 gamble?
    $1.99(special dotster) to $12 gamble?

    With 500% to 10000% ROI?


    If I said available right now would you take it?

    WoW = World of Warcraft

    But there are 27 other letters in the alphabet that a "world" can be created in VR.

    A- art,action,acting,association
    B - battle,basketball,baseball
    C - cars,cats,condos
    D - driving,diving,danger
    E- entertainment,electronics,exotic,erotic,

    Etc,etc,etc all the way down to Z.

    I was laughed at before but now people seem to like VRLLL.COM'S
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    There is a huge step between 4L and 5L ... that being said ...

    Any 5L that is easy to spell and pronounceable are good ... but I don't think having VR will make much of a difference unless as @gilescoley kinda said .. the 3 other letters need to make sense as a unique word that works with VR .. so a relatively small number.

    Most importantly remember that domainers are holding thousands if not tens of thousands of VR domains .. most of which will not be even considered by end users ... so if you are going to grab VR domains make sure they meaningful and above average .. more importantly I'm thinking most of the action (retail/distribution) in VR will be dome by existing media companies like TelCos, cable companies, mocrosoft, sony etc .. most importantly remember that the term VR might not even be the final term that goes mainstream ...

    With all that working against it I'm thinking 5L's are a big stretch (aside from ones that have targeted context like the VRPod, VRDev mentioned above.

    Hope you have more than just virtual good luck with your VR domains! ;)
  6. alcy

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    VR is already the mainstream term... this will not change.. just become more widespread and valuable.. you can rest assured that you will not wake up one day to find that the best domain for games in VR is rather than this is as close to a gurantee as one can get in domaining imo

    of course, like you say, you need good keywords to go with that term. most of those premium ones are regged and owned for many many years.. and selling for more than most our bank accounts are showing in the balance column.

    for more valuable information visit the VR thread. cheers.
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  7. bertpros

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  8. EmotiveDomains

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    The problem is there aren't many words beginning with VR (real or made up) that are pronounceable, at least not in English.

    Any good ones that are will likely be taken and cost big money now.

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