auction Prague.pro, Great GEO domain, Prague is the capital of Czech republic, population: 1,318,000

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Are here someone from Prague?
Domain: Prague.pro
Registrar: Sav
Expiration date: 09/13/2023
Renewal: $15,88

Start: $1
Increment: $2 or more
BIN: $80

Payment: Skrill or Sav
Auction time: 10 days duration of auction, 24 September 2022 - 03 October 2022. Auction ends immediately if the buyer will buy domain at BIN.
Transfer: Push to your Sav.com account.

Useful info:

Prague is the largest city and capital of the Czech Republic. Population is 1,318,000 people.

246,000 monthly searches.

31 domains with word "Prague" has been sold (Source: NameBio):

beprague.com868 USD2022-05-08GoDaddy
bestpointprague.com961 USD2022-06-11GoDaddy
eatingpraguetours.com226 USD2021-12-10GoDaddy
efaprague.com951 USD2017-02-24DropCatch
exploreprague.com219 USD2020-11-20GoDaddy
fensrmprague2013.com996 USD2016-04-18NameJet
guide-prague.com8,668 USD2015-08-20Sedo
guideprague.com907 USD2019-06-09DropCatch
hotels-in-prague-czech.com867 USD2014-11-04GoDaddy
icdcprague.org848 USD2022-02-07DropCatch
insideprague.com869 USD2016-09-02GoDaddy
isprs2016-prague.com326 USD2020-12-06DropCatch
kitchenprague.com866 USD2021-01-27Dynadot
lspraguedecamp.com961 USD2018-11-10GoDaddy
prague.ai866 USD2018-10-29Whois.ai
prague.org9,668 USD2016-11-23NameJet
prague-hotel.org861 USD2015-11-09GoDaddy
prague-pensions-hotels.com861 USD2014-09-03GoDaddy
prague-spot.com116 USD2019-11-24DropCatch
prague-up.com961 USD2021-02-04GoDaddy
pragueclubs.com888 USD2013-05-31NameJet
praguehotel.com2,866 USD2005-01-27SnapNames
praguehotels.mobi729 USD2007-01-31Sedo
praguehousegalway.com866 USD2022-09-19GoDaddy
praguekolektiv.com887 USD2012-06-16GoDaddy
pragueproperty.com880 USD2016-06-17NameJet
praguerace.com747 USD2020-11-28GoDaddy
spraguedawley.com868 USD2021-08-03GoDaddy
thepraguewanderer.com876 USD2012-11-15GoDaddy
visitingprague.com821 USD2016-02-26GoDaddy
wcaprague2020.com801 USD2022-02-27GoDaddy
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Next bid is $9 or more.

BIN $100.

Auction will end on 03 October, in Monday.
Today is the last day of auction. Next bid $24 or more.
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