analysis Place to see GoDaddy buy and sell data, plus namebio?

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Hello everyone! I have a very specific question, do you know of a website that specializes in providing price information for Godaddy domains?

I know they are going to tell me about namebio and how it can even be filtered to see only Godaddy's sales, but the problem is that in terms of Godaddy information, it is known that Namebio does not have much.

I also know that in auctions it is possible to see the most expensive domains or with the most bids, but once they are sold the information disappears.

So in summary I would like to have the most up-to-date information possible on what domains are being sold on Godaddy, especially from auctions, so I would like to know if there is a website or any way to obtain such information.
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It’s not available because GoDaddy/Afternic doesn’t want all sales available. Most of what you see on NameBio is expired auction sales.

There is also a relatively small amount of self reporting and then there are people who monitor high value names for Whois/dns changes.

But some huge grab of GD sales? No it’s not available.
Thanks for your answer.

This change in the Whois is done manually or is there a program or website that helps you facilitate the process?
We have API that not shared or sold to anyone. If you interested, let me know.