PHP 7 vs PHP 5.6 Benchmark

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I was excited about the release of PHP 7. I’ve hosted some of my projects with Cloudways. Recently, I've tested a WordPress website comparing PHP 7 with PHP 5.6

And here are my results.

I’ve found PHP 7 is quite faster than any other previous version of PHP. I also noticed by enabling Varnish Cache it reduced page load time little bit more. I’ve used just 5 posts with images to test. If you have large database, it should give more better performance and less page load time.

I also noticed PHP 7 is somehow lacking behind when Varnish cache is Disabled.

Test PHP 7, on your hosting too. Please share results to get more clear image of PHP 7 performance on different hosting providers.
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Zend have a decent inforgraphic regarding the speed improvements. Pretty much all the reports I have seen show PHP 7 much faster than HHVM as well. HHVM has always touted themselves as much better memory and speed wise (albeit because they removed certain functionality) however PHP have managed to get the increase without compromising features.

I recently asked about a PHP 7 hosting on this forum and someone directed me to this website that has a blog post about PHP 7 benchmarks. The numbers were really impressive. PHP 7 running on WordPress 4.4.2 had response time of 4ms, while it was 1.2s for PHP 5.5. So, there is no doubt PHP 7 has better performance than previous versions and if your website is not using any deprecated functions, then you should also switch to PHP 7.

Here is the blog post I was talking about: cloudways.com/blog/turbocharge-your-cloud-based-application-with-php-7/
Totally agree Oliver those that can migrate should. Problem is many people rely on shared hosting which tends to be sluggish in upgrading.
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