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  1. richbc

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    I have a parked domain (bookmark related) that generates over 2000 page impressions per day. I'm currently showing Adsense for Domains after trying other parking companies. It earns about $! per day but I feel like I could be making more somehow. Any suggestions from my fellow domainers?
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    review the visitors - analystic is your best friend..

    need more info to determine the case
  3. stankope

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    I hear Parked.com is the most recommended domain parking provider out there. Being new in this industry, I'm still preparing some domains I'd like to reg with Parked or other domain providers.

    Perhaps you should try to sign up for a couple for parking accounts and rotate your domains to see which provider has better payout.
  4. nielsencl

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    Try the domain with different providers. Imonetize does this for you if you use them but I never made much with them.

    You are getting impressive traffic, but if it is not from US visitors it may not help to try other US-based providers. Also what are the visitors looking for and how is your domain optimized? You mention revenue, but what is your CTR? If you are getting lots of clicks, then you need to find some way to display ads that will pay more per click. If you are not getting many clicks, then you need to find out what will make your visitors click.

    Are the visitors looking for bookmarking sites, bookmarking services, or something else? If you are getting a CTR over 5% you are doing pretty well on average. If you are below 2% then you need to change your keywords, images, or colors I think. TrafficZ.com let's you do quite a bit of optimization and you can pick 4 different templates to rotate and find ones that work better than others.
  5. barefoottech

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    invest in a development project
    either a small minisite or much larger website
  6. richbc

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    Here are the stats for the last 6 months using AFD:

    Domain Total page impressions [?] Landing page impressions [?] Results page impressions [?] Page eCPM [?] Estimated earnings

    bookmark****.com 92,206 92,042 164 $0.11 $10.23

    ---------- Post added at 05:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:25 PM ----------

    As you can see these are pretty weak. I was even thinking of just making a basic HTML page with maybe an affiliate link on it. Even one user converting would pass these AFD earnings. The majority of traffic seems to come from India.

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