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Hi everyone here:
I want to start outbound marketing for my few .com domains which are mostly 3 words names. I am little confuse about starting a outbound emails because
* I live in south asian country because of which my ip address can be banned if i send no of emails to any us citizen or any europe country citizen. this i read somewhere. so what i do in this situation.
* I have professional domain name and hosting as well which i can use for email marketing but i am little confuse here that how much emails should i send from so that my domain do not banned.
* MY relative live in uk so i can be plan to use their contact information to use vpn on my end to show uk location to send emails. Is it good idea or should i use my original personal contact info to send emails.
Note: Sorry for long questions but these questions kept coming into my mind so i think it is better to ask on this platform to find right answers from experts here.
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