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  1. sellbourne

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    Hi community,
    I am a member for a long time in the forum.Just need to ask to get information on something.
    If your .com domain name registered for other Extensions like .net ,.org it means your name is valuable and worth to keep for long term?
    Thanks 👍
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  2. Future Sensors

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    Hi @sellbourne

    If it's a good, short dictionary word, chances are great that all extensions have been taken, and the domain is valuable to extremely valuable.

    But you can't say in general that when a domain is registered in .net and .org, it means that the .com has value. There are millions of bad domains that probably will never sell, even if .com. Some domainers register their really bad names in several extensions at once, others stick to .com only.

    Just have a look at what's dropping today, to get an idea of the quality of names that have been registered.

    More specific opinions can only be given when the exact domain name is known.
  3. bmugford

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    If it is registered in other extensions is it automatically more valuable? No.
    Is it likely to me more valuable? Yes.

    That is simply because the more in demand a term, the more extensions it will be taken in.

    You don't need to be a genius to realize a term like "Fitness" is going to be taken in pretty much every extension.

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  4. Revisiting

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    It's always worth examining those other registered extensions just to see if one of those could be your possible com buyer. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Worse case scenario = All held by the same person/entity who's never used any of them and no longer plans to.

    Best case scenario. Multiple web pages and commercial users from all over the world .

    Most likely scenario. None are in use and just show holding pages.

    Now with that in mind (amongst many others) always worth taking into account, regarding holding
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  5. TauseefKhan

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    There are some domains registered in org or net or a ccTLD but not in .com.
    Will dot com become valuable? Maybe in very few cases. So, it depends on the domain names

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