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    Far be it from me to start another thread here on NP, but sometimes you just have to share your insights.

    Before I share with you the 21 letter domain I just created and hand registered, here are some statistics you should know;

    • $863 billion: Restaurant industry's projected sales in 2019.
    • 1 million+: Restaurant locations in the United States.
    • 15.3 million: Restaurant industry employees.
    I didn't necessarily create this name for resale because on it's own it's probably not worth the reg fee. However, with a million dollar plus business model/plan behind it, it might have considerable value?

    I have to give some credit to my good friend Brad here on NP who owns a domain DowntheHatch.com that got me to thinking about a name I own; DowntheCatch.com along with some other "catchy" Restaurant names like; JumboLumpDaddy.com and DoobieDiner.com.

    Then I thought about an idea I had to market restaurant names to students attending culinary schools around the world. Then out of nowhere came;


    I don't know how you can get the point across with any fewer letters. If you have any ideas let me hear them.

    Do you own any long domains that describe or fit the description of their intended use? While I can't be sure, I believe there are probably more restaurant domains in use today than any other industry. Thanks for indulging me, and if you own any "catchy" restaurant please share your thoughts. Thanks
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