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  1. Art And Nature

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    Today I received an offer of $120, two people contacted me for this domain after just 1 hour of spamming advertisements on Facebook. AND THEY CLAIM TO BE END USERS. Now, what would you do? Should I accept these money or should I auction the domain on Sedo / GoDaddy? (sorry, NamePros, the domain has been there, in the make offer section for a long time, but no offers here :xf.frown:)

    Which final price should I be asking for?
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  2. james haw

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    Depends on who's asking for the name - can you research them or is it a generic email address?

    eg If it's eBay then probs counter with 4 figures, if it's another domainer low 3 figures is arguably ok. It's good to not want to leave money on the table, but it's bad to hold on to a domain name and never sell it when you already had offers. Deciding the right path is a minefield, but research can help.

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