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Short .org. Some seem to have value, others not so much. What would an appraisal be?

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I took a shot with these last year and registered about 500 of them at ,Some of them were keepers and right after I bought them I could have sold every one for 20 plus for these Chinese premiums. not bad for a $4 each investment . BIG ROCk is a garbage company they froze most of the account for no reason ,and then wanted me to fax my drivers license and other important info . I let all these domains just expire they were unsellable plus untransferrable because of the freeze in the account. Not back to your domain I see little value 5 bucks maybe thing will change by the domain expiration.
Thanks for your input. I don't own many maybe three LLLL.orgs. Can't make heads out of the recent sales data though..

Domain Price Date Venue 260 USD 2017-01-02 NameJet 355 USD 2016-12-29 GoDaddy 3,060 USD 2016-12-27 DropCatch 2,501 USD 2016-12-26 GoDaddy 225 USD 2016-12-24 GoDaddy 2,999 USD 2016-12-23 Sedo 1,300 USD 2016-12-21 NameJet 305 USD 2016-12-21 GoDaddy 155 USD 2016-12-19 DropCatch 155 USD 2016-12-17 Godaddy is on par with most of these names imo.
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