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question Non ICANN Tlds Domain Extension



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Recently ICANN suspended my .com extension due to a copyright claim of using Image that was available in Google Search. Hence I am looking for TLDs that are not under ICANN and are good for the SEO points of view. Someone suggested that go for .org or .io or .info which is less strict. Is it TRUE?
I'm interested to know more details about this. How did it play out?

Genuinely interested to know...

Were you informed about the copyright claim, if so by what method and by whom?

Did you take the image down after you received the notification about the copyright issue?

How long after they sent the notification did they take your site down?

I'm not trying to get at you but I'm interested to know more details so that we can all learn from your experiences.

Just because an image is available on Google search doesn't mean you can just use it. Those images are loaded from other websites that probably do own or licence the images.
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