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Cool Tool for Domainer

With TLDBOY.COM, you can quickly and for free:

  • Check if a domain is registered under another TLD
  • Check keywords across various TLDs (even those you can not register)

How does TLDBOY.COM help you?

  • Find available domains with your keywords/domain lists under any TLDs you select
  • Find a POTENTIAL BUYER for your existing domains. Often, the EASIEST SALES are to someone who already has a less desirable TLD. (e.g., you have the .com, and offer it to someone with .biz/.net/.something, this is the sole reason why I built this tool, as I do a lot of direct marketing.)
  • Portfolio cleanup, if your domains are not registered under any other TLD, it can be a signal of low quality.
Technically, it's a simple way to perform DNS checks directly from your browser without limitations via DNS over HTTPS.

Have fun, and if you get it, it'll become one of your favorite tools as a domainer.
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