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    Hi everyone,
    I have built a domain listing website for premium domains.

    Submit your best domains to - The place to find the perfect domain.
    Potential buyers visit and can view all domains listed or search for domains that contain their preferred keywords.

    No Commission
    Other domain listing websites charge 25%-30% commission on sales on top of the listing fee of $5-$10 per domain. Perf Domains takes no commission and charges a listing fee equivalent to $5 per domain per month.

    Save thousands with us!
    A $5,000 sale from other domain listing websites would mean up to $1,500 in commission, leaving you with only $3,500 revenue. At Perf Domains, we take no commission meaning if you sell privately, you would get the whole $5,000 and if you sell through Uniregistry, you would get $4,500 as they take only 10% from sales through the Uniregistry Market.

    The higher the value of your sale, the more you save by promoting your domains with Perf Domains instead of commission based domain listing websites. E.g. on a $50,000 sale you could save up to $15,000.

    Keep your current sales intake page
    Other domain listing websites require your domain to be pointed to their servers. Perf Domains simply links to your domain meaning you can keep your current sales intake page.

    You may want to ensure that you choose a sales page with low transaction commission. Uniregistry takes only 10% of a sale made through the Uniregistry Market and can simultaneously transfer the domain to the buyer and the payment to the seller (Simultaneous Secure Exchange).

    Domains must meet quality requirements
    • Domains must be .com only.
    • Domains must be a maximum of 2 words.
    • Domains must not contain mis-spellings.
    • Domains must not contain numbers.
    • Domains must not contain hyphens.
    • Domains must not contain non-english or accented characters (e.g. à á â ä æ ã å ā).

    More exposure could be all you need to sell your best domains.
    Choose a pricing tier based on how many domains you would like to list on Perf Domains, then send us a message on Patreon with the domains you would like listed.

    Every member helps us to increase the value that we can offer to both buyers and sellers.


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