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I've been following the news story about a former Marine Daniel Penny charged with manslaughter in the second degree in the choking death of Jordon Neely. The insinuation and accusations are that it was racially motivated which is highly unlikely in my honest opinion.

Since I've created domains in the past that were news motivated, and with a last name like "Penny", i was wondering what I might create? After some thought, and knowing would be long gone, i thought I might try since other passengers on the subway felt that Daniel was only trying o save them from possible harm.

After discovering the owner of was asking 100K for said name @ Sedo i thought I'd try, and Voila!

As a humanitarian, the .org may be even better than the .com imo.

Any thoughts on how to best use a domain like this to help bring the human race closer together? Anyone else create news inspired domains?
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Context: Givesendgo, Conservative GoFundMe has raised more than $2.6 million for his legal defense, perhaps you can try selling to them.