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To me a name is good if it can be made to a website that makes sense. I see too many people learn the hard way and come up with junk names:
- Search Results: nowaday people depend so much on google so the search results will not make any sense. If you search on Why Am I Stupid you will see 243,000,0,000 results from google.
- 200 Extension are taken. Why? The more extension is taken the more chance the name will have Trade Mark issues. Many good names don't have too many extensions are taken
- Dictionary word - 8 character or less. If they are dictionary word and 8 characters or less then you cannot afford them
- Godaddy appraises $5,000 or more - not too many names are appraised at this amount - but who care about the appraisal.
- Putting two words together. They may sound good but they are junk. Ex: WifePenis, HandsomeDevil, ExpensiveJunk, etc...
- Don't know what a real dictionary word is. If they are real dictionary word then you can't pay $10 to buy them.
- You MUST have money to invest in domain names. Don't expect to buy something for $10 and sell them for $10,000. It may happen but the chance is 1/100,000
- Similar names. If NiceBreast can sell for $50,000 it does not mean UglyBreast can sell in the same range.

These are just my personal opinion.
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Great points. Thank you for sharing.

I got lucky with a domain that bucks two of your point - A single English dictionary word domain that I got for under 50 bucks.
🤨 Thanks for starting this thread. However, everything you've outlined implies the centralized domain industry is merely a scheme to sale names with no value to hopeful newbies at this point. I don't believe this is the case; but there will need to be some explanations if seasoned investors continue to promote such a narrative.

🙅 A lot of "good name, bad name" dialogue can be put to bed if the seasoned investors with views like what you've expressed would rally to get registrars to stop selling those $10 names since they have little value and no prospects. Also, the petition to get every other TLD except .com eradicated should be making the rounds right about now. Right?

😰 With everything stated, it's fair to say the domain industry system "newbies" are entering is one that was established by the "old guys". "Newbies" can't be blamed for believing broader language and variety have relevance in a game that literally leverages words. Let's cut the newbies some slack or call the game if it's really that horrid to watch.

🤷 Afterall, newbies didn't get the "privilege" of having the 80s/90s as their "registration heyday". They're looking to create a way through the noise of investors who don't seem too committed to making the industry a more inclusive and lucrative environment. The Downvote Gang will come out swinging as usual; but truth is truth regardless.

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There are different business models.
For example I register domains if extensions are taken or high godaddy appraisal or $10 domains.

Of course you cannot sell $10 domains for $10,000 but around for $500-$2000 yes: so your STR is the key.
You MUST have money to invest in domain names. Don't expect to buy something for $10 and sell them for $10,000. It may happen but the chance is 1/100,000
Agree with your opinion in all your 8 points.

Newbies that just joined a few months ago, like last November just because their ugly mom knows a Successful Investor, that does NOT mean everybody can make it in the Domain Industry.

that found by luck this forum and expireddomains site, they felt they won the JackPot, then they start registering Worthless domains like: equalrooterplumbing.crap LOL :xf.laugh:

Like you mentioned: " You Must have Money to invest in High Value Domain Names". Newbies without Money that spent $50 bucks for 18 domains after digging in the trash to get some trashy domains and using cheap registrars like Cosmotown, is the perfect way to FAIL HARD.

come and go every single Year, will see how many time they will Survive in the tough Domain Industry.
Excellent points, @johnn but let me ask you this - what is your problem with WifePenis.com..? 🤣

But srsly, I would be interested someone’s opinion with your experience - what is an acceptable or even good price to pay for an auctioned domain that you can realistically sell for good x,xxx let’s say around 3k? Taking out all the guesswork and just looking at past sales?

For me personally, handregging became sort of a hobby of mine, like a background program in my mind that’s always on while reading tech news or doing my projects. While this forum is incredibly helpful and value providing, handregging is mostly regarded as a loser's game, Threads downvoted etc. Not mean to complain, it’s all fine with me as I see the huge spectrum within even the successful business models and the divergent convictions they are based on. Still, I would really love to interact more with experienced domainers with positive attitude towards newly registered names. ;)
Problems with newbies are they try to follow the strategy of professional domainers which makes them face extra difficulties.
If you Follow some basic criteria like Who would be this domain be useful for? How much would they be willing to Spend on It? would you register this domain for 3-5 Years ? , One would Do Relatively Well and patience is the key here . Domaining is an Investment no " Get Rich quick" Scheme here.
You make some good points, but we were all newbies once. You kind of have to do your time and make mistakes in order to learn from them. You can tell a newbie not to handreg rubbish, but they still will.

I also like 'handsomedevil.com' it's a phrase used exactly as written... You 'handsome devil'. Go value is nearly 5k, I would have registered it but it's gone :ROFL: