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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and to buying domains other than off the shelf, so to speak, so looking for some advice, please.

I want to buy a .com domain name which has been registered by but is due to expire in the next week or 2.

There is a holding page on the page so it's not being used but it has been registered and renewed by every year since 1999?

Firstly, if auto renew this domain every year would I have any chance of acquiring it through a backorder service (if so which one?)

and secondly, if not, what is the best way of acquiring it? Would it be worth contacting directly before it expires and get renewed to try to purchase it?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks
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It depends on the registrar...

I follow drops a lot, and back order a lot. The registrar info may not show actual updated information. Its specific from registrar to registrar.

You can back order the domain name with various services and hope it will drop and be caught but if it is a premium domain it will probably not drop but be auctioned off or many people will back order the domain and it will go to auction post drop.

Here is a list of back order services, with the strongest ones listed first:

1) Snapnames
2) Dropcatch
4) Dynadot

The rest are not really worth considering based on the number of registrars that they have and their snipe power.
Thanks Domain Lead Finder,

I'm new at this as well and am learning everyday. Appreciate the website tips!

I was looking at and I was wondering if I Pre-Order a domain from their Exclusive Inventory and I end up not owning it, do they still charge the pre-order fee? I couldn't really find it on their website, so hopefully you know :)
No you do not pay them anything if you do not end up with the domain. Its like with any other auction, only the top bid get to pay and keeps the goods.
Okay got it. Thank you very much!
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