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    Hey All,

    I hope that you guys are well and in the best of health. :)

    Okay so, I'm new to domain parking and I just decided to purchase some domains and try and monetize them by parking. The names actually aren't that bad to be honest, I thought very hard about it and they're pretty spread out. They are very good names in my opinion. I hope I am right.

    Anyways though my question was, I registered with and it hasn't been even a day but I haven't gotten any traffic so far as it says visitors 0. How long does it take to get even a little bit of traffic? Or better, what was your experience with that site and how long did it take you to get even a few visitors? I'm just curious. I def believe my domains will get a little bit of traffic, I'm assuming it takes a while to get them up and running though? I don't know.

    Anyways yeah, please let me know how long it took for you all. Thanks so much! :)
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  2. Pierre Barnard

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    Give it atleast a week.
  3. dntoolz

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    Its not that simple mate, If you are evaluating your parking domains the same way you evaluate a keyword domain ( Just by its look ) very good chance you will burn a lot from you bank.

    Even if you have a domain that is like one word .com but it doesn't get any traffic you won't make any penny out of it.

    Of course you can develop the domain to get traffic get some backlinks or other methods but just sitting with your undeveloped domains in bodis or parkingcrew will not give you anything but bad experience.

    And if you want to know how to know if a domains gets traffic before buying it i doubt anyone would share there methods. But be sure there is very accurate ways to evaluate, if a domain gets traffic or not. if it gets some how much it might earn.

    And please dont just register domains based on alexa ranking it is awesome tool but you need many additional tools with it to evaluate traffic.

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