New Popular Ways of Domain Appreciation among Domain Investors in China

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    Nowadays, the case of arbitration draws people’s attention to domain’s huge value, and traditionally, these several standards are generally accepted:

    1. Nice meaning

    2. Length: The shorter the domain is, the more valuable the domain is.

    3. Corresponding brand.

    4. Popular gTLDs

    5. Homo-phonic words

    6. Domain Popularity and Reputation

    7.Auxiliary factors: registration time, natural traffic, traffic, any punishment before, external links, indexes and so on.

    I believe most people buy and sell domain names for making money. However the current way is not the same as before which is just trading and establishing websites. Now it generates more ways to PLAY domains! Domain not only is part of enterprise’s brand but also plays an important role in marketing.

    From enterprise’s point of view, is well known for using its domain as a marketing approach. Jd .com disclosed the news that they spent a very high price on purchasing the domain, which made an advertisement on this new domain name by arising public curiosity. Mango TV changed its domain from to, which reduces customers’ typing time. The domain is put into propaganda slogan "just 0.5 seconds, mango TV has infinite possibilities”.

    From a person’s point of view, we have to mention Wang Sicong, the son of Wang Jianlin who is the richest man in China. He once spent CNY 1.4 million in buying and it links to his personal weibo(“twitter” in China). Since 4 Bs sound like someone accepts a challenge. And he was also reported as buying an insulting domain which was linked to a star in entertainment industry. In the end, this wase regarded as a marketing trick.

    The most worrying thing and the biggest risk for domain holder is that he could not sell the domain to others at a satisfying markup. Some domains may cost domainer more than million dollars, unless the domain name has been well appreciated, if it couldn’t find next buyer for a long time, it will generate a great financial pressure for domainer. So it seems quite reasonable when domain name holder chooses to do some marketing tricks on his domain.


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