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I used to resell domain extensions when and again when it registerfly had them and was a download site for netscape so it all worked. So wondering what your post is supposed to be about. New dot net offered dot xxx along with other extensions about 20 years ago it wasn't icann it was a browser Netscape that made new dot net domains work in browser.
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My favorite movies are too offensive now. Whimps.
additional warning: .crypto .eth masquerading as domain names

vitalik.eth DOES NOT RESOLVE
I have a .crypto domain. I even put up a website. It works, just not on a regular browser. They have to be able to use them. Opera browser on android does, I believe. Eventually, more will.
Good night.
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i respect your interests, internet is nothing to download, must work on All browsers @ENSdomains (it's just an intranet)

i see it as saving people alot of money and time
i spent alot of time and money into generics!
it just doesn't become internet ( is not going anywhere)
even 20 years later
even the #2 browser netscape supported it


-leveraging everybody has their own opinion
I started online 1993 (message boards) to 1994 (internet relay chat)

the internet backbone is made up of these (nothing to download)
even before the browsers (MOSAIC only)
..because I have experience
not for the lack of adoption by all future browsers
it's a science and math issue of implications

-interesting discussion (people get upset when I figured former derivatives when I see, rather than having been left unsaid, as saving the most!)
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