New .INK & .WIKI domains for $12.35!

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    Thank you NPs for making our last .INK and .WIKI promotions successful - to celebrate, we are happy to announce that new promotions are now underway for these TLDs!

    Until the end of the year, you can register new .INK and .WIKI domains for $12.35 (regular price $22.99).

    Details and conditions:
    • This promotion only includes first-year registration of new domains and will run until end of the year
    • There are no limits on the number of registrations
    • No coupon is required
    • If you are in the Discount Program, you can save even more
    • Bulk discounts of 50+ and 100+ registrations in one order save even more
    • WHOIS privacy, e-mail forwarding, domain parking, domain defender + more are entirely free
    Register your .INK & .WIKI domains here:
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