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    by Colton Gardner (Founder and COO of

    Many startups spend little time focusing on their brand in the early days. They quickly grab a cheap domain name that symbolizes what their product does. Being intentional about your brand is mandatory, however, to build a strong company that doesn’t require brand or culture adjustments down the road.

    I’ll share my experience building a brand from Day 1 and describe the way those early decisions have laid the groundwork for a strong brand a few years later.

    Decide on a fitting name.

    One of the first decisions in creating a business is deciding on a name. A name is the foundation of a brand. As a peer-to-peer self storage marketplace, an obvious choice for our name was to include something storage related. You can imagine the variety of names that have “storage” or “space” in the name. We knew that we wanted to be more than just a storage company and that starting a business with a generic name would limit this vision. Using the name "Neighbor," not a term related to storage, meant we could change aspects of our business in the future without needing to rebrand.

    Additionally, because we knew we were more than a storage facility, we needed a name that conveyed a sense of safety and confidence.

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