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The NamesCon RightOfTheDot Digital Asset Auction returns for NamesCon Global 2023, and submissions are now open!

The live auction takes place on June 1 at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, with world champion auctioneer Wayne Wheat setting a super-fast pace. Only up to 75 domain names and NFTs will be selected for the live auction and webcast. Hundreds more will be included in the timed online auction.

Our friends at RightOfTheDot are evaluating each submission by hand, and only have time for the very best names and NFTsβ€”so please read these submissions carefully.​
Domain Name Submission criteria:
  • 1 to 4 numbers (such as 123Β·com)
  • 1 to 4 letters (such as abcΒ·com)
  • 1 word (with meaning)
  • Keyword and high-traffic English-language terms/words
  • .com, .net, .org (the auction will primarily be for .com premium names but other TLD extensions will be considered)
  • Standard renewal priced domains (no premium or tiered renewal fees over $100 per year)
  • Opening bids will begin at $500
NFT Submission Criteria:
  • NFT's must be on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • An OpenSea link must be included in the submission
  • Minimum NFT value should exceed $500
  • Newly-minted NFT collections without a track record of sales will not be considered
How to Submit Digital Assets
Submission is really simple. If your digital assets fit the above criteria, just visit and fill out the online form.​
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When is the closing date?
Some promo video's 😊

My favorite domain auction there: Woke .com 🀣
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I've got a name in there. Hopefully it does well.