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    • Email address problem
      • Common causes of undeliverable emails
      • Email unreliability
    • Receive less emails

    Email address problem
    When your NamePros account indicates that attempts to send emails to you have failed and prevents you from using the site (e.g., posting content), it means an email that we sent to you was returned as undeliverable (i.e., the email “bounced” back). Learn about the common causes.

    In order to continue using NamePros, we require that you have a valid email address that is capable receiving email messages reliably. This helps to prevent misunderstandings, especially in the marketplace sections. You'll need to change your email address before you are able to continue posting content. Google (e.g., Gmail and is reportedly observed as the most reliable, so we recommend using them. Microsoft (e.g., Hotmail and and Yahoo seem to be the least reliable, as they occasionally reject messages.

    To resolve this matter, please change the email address on your NamePros account to a different email address and then verify it:

    To verify your updated email address, login to your email provider, locate the verification email that NamePros sent you, and then visit the link inside that email.

    Once you have changed and verified your email address, your account will be restored and you’ll be able to take full advantage of everything that NamePros has to offer.

    Common causes of undeliverable emails
    Undeliverable emails could be caused by a few different things, such as: you accidentally marking an email from us as spam; your email provider improperly classifying an email from us as spam; your email provider experiencing technical difficulties, delays, or downtime; setting your email to forward emails from us to another email address or provider that is rejecting them; misconfigured mail server settings on your end; or your email account may have exceeded the amount of storage that is available to it.

    It is important to note that this is not the result of an issue on our end, because we do not mark emails as undeliverable when the issue originates within our systems.

    Please also keep in mind that although you may successfully receive some emails from us and others, it does not mean that your email is properly functioning all of the time. You are most likely not receiving some email messages from other people as well, but you may not be aware of it. It only takes a single undelivered email for us to determine that your email account or provider may be unreliable and needs to be changed, because even a single email message being returned to sender (us) is a very rare occurrence and indicates that there is a problem.

    Email unreliability
    It's not uncommon for unreliable email providers to deliver some email messages and not others. We require everyone to have a 100% reliable email address on file with us. Your email provider may be delivering 99% of emails, but that 1% of unreliability would not meet our requirements.

    Simply disabling all email notifications is not an option, because we need to be able to reach our members when issues arise or there are important notices involving their accounts.

    You will have to use a more reliable email address on your NamePros account.

    We recommend Gmail.

    Receive fewer emails
    You have full control over the amount of emails that you receive from NamePros Community by adjusting your account's settings and unsubscribing from certain types of notifications: Learn more.

    Please contact customer support if you need assistance.
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