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29,098 Namejet Expiring $12,701 Namejet Expiry $9,090 Namejet Expiry $8,020 Namejet Expiring $6,138 Namejet Expiring $6,123 Namejet Expiring $5,850 Namejet Expiring $5,200 Namejet Deleting $5,000 Namejet Expiring $4,431 Namejet Expir … [Read more...]
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I think many domainers have given up bidding on sn and nj auctions. If I backorder something on those platforms and it goes to auction, I don't even bother looking.

The last few times I was involved in bidding there, I felt like I am standing in some back alley in a third world country and being hustled by a three card monte conman.

Not accusing them of anything, just the feeling I got.
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