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  1. NickB

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    Just logged into namebio and noticed at the top in between "featured listings" & "top sales" in bright red is a new tab called "live"

    It looks to be updating new domain sales on a regular basis......

    Anyone else notice this? How long has it been around for?

    I personally think it's a pretty cool feature......
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  2. equity78

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    @Michael introduced it yesterday
  3. NickB

    NickB it's a mystery VIP

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    Could become quite addictive, I haven't closed the namebio tab and keep clicking on it to check for more sales....

    If Michael checks in......couple of quick questions

    How often does it refresh
    How are they pulling the sales data like this (curiosity - not looking to copy it)
    The reasoning for adding it to namebio
  4. Michael

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    Both the homepage and the Live feed are updating once per minute, on a five-minute delay. So when an auction ends or a sale gets reported it should show up in about 5-6 minutes. During peak hours there should be new sales being published pretty much every minute.

    We've always been collecting the data on a live basis. But we only loaded it into the site once per day, and I'm not really sure why. Tradition?

    We saw people asking on Discord, WhatsApp groups, etc. what price some auctions ended at, when they accidentally missed participating in them. We realized we could be the answer to questions like that if we stopped sitting on the data until midnight for no good reason.

    The Live feed was Anuj's idea. The default sort on the homepage is by date, but that doesn't include the time. So ones that have the same date then have a secondary sort by price. If you sit there refreshing the homepage it would be hard to see what's new, because it might already be buried a couple pages deep depending on the price. He thought it would be more useful/fun/addictive to see them streaming into the site in the order that they were happening.

    Glad you like it!

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