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Posting here after quite sometime. :)

Anyway I wanted to share some ups and downs in LLLLs and I guess everyone will have his or her story to tell. Feel free to add yours here.

I started here in 2005. In 3 months got banned :D But the admin at that time -RJ- was great guy and he allowed me to register again and merge my accounts. [Actually I am still banned here from NP chat LOL and it is good thing]

In those days NP$ were a currency on this forum and 1000 NPs would be like 20 USD.

So for 400 NPs I was able to register a domain name from here Namepros itself which was RJ's enom account and it was eventually pushed to my enom when thing went off.

In those days earning NPs was really easy and I was making like 5000 NPs per month and spending them all on buying 4 letter .coms. [You see where this is going? hehe 0 investment on my part yet]

Well then there were live auctions in those days too and I would put some of my domains in those auctions and try to make some money out of nothing :)

That is how I met some of the best friends in my life. I met a guy called Kenny Parks where I sold him my 4 letter .org which I registered for free as .org registry was giving away 5 free .org registrations per email :D and I had like 100 emails :P

Through him I met some other guys and started working for them. In start I used to work for RJ and Badger and I worked for their domain parking company called Imodo.com

Side by side I started making new clients and I was having a great income of 2000 USD per month now. So now I started buying 4 letter .coms with my money. I purchased around 300 of them. This was before 2007 and the buyout when "-Recce-" the guy who was the major player at that time in that buyout was active here.

Yes in those days adding a "-" around our usernames was a fashion here. :D

I was very active not that active as "Weblord" this guy was killing me with his speed and accuracy of posting perfect answers LOL. Well I was so active that I was selected as a volunteer moderator here. Then when the time came for paid moderators after 5 years. I was selected as paid moderator here by Eric Lyon and Michelle. Things weren't working great for me though in personal life. So I lost focus and I thought of becoming a normal member once again who just gets an infraction and is let off. Because that is what we moderators were doing in those days. Find them, catch them, give infraction and they were just let off. :(

Anyway back to LLLLs

After the buyout at November 2, 2007 Friday 2:01 GMT everyone was buying it and selling it.

The floor was now 50 or 60 USD for anything.

Domainers were going crazy selling it among each other. It was like stamp collection thingy. I show you my stamps and you show me yours and we exchange some stamps etc.

I met many many new guys "Italian Dragon" I think he lives in Australia nowadays. That kid "9MM" lol he was a headache and a scammer. :D

I brokered some great deals in those days for 100s of domains in bulk.

Now when dust settled down in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 came in. The LLLL was always in "Bargain Bin"

Infact by 2012 I dropped 110 domains as it was 5 years and it was not even worth renewal fees. [Please don't bash me for this but Yes I am not a great investor]

Now in 2015 I was again frustrated with my remaining LLLLs and I was away from market for quite a longtime so when I came here and one guy offered me 400 USD for 10 LLLLs of mine. I just took it and laughed so much at that fool :( [Actually I was being fooled over here, and this is what happens when you don't stay in touch with the market]

Long story short. Well nothing is lost yet. and I still have 35 domains on my name and 80 or so on my wife's name most of them are pronounceables and some are CVCV and VCVC etc. Because I just wasn't willing to drop them.

So this is my story :) What's yours?
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Interesting story ) Thanks for sharing )
I also let many LLLLs go, forgetting the fundamentals: a) it is com b) it is limited supply but not superlimited like 3L; c) End users do like them