domain Multiple Domain Names - c r u i s e dot c a s i n o


Brittany V

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Appreciate your appraisal and feedback for the following names:

c r u i s e dot c a s i n o

y o u n g e r dot s k i n

c e l e b r i t y dot p i c s

Thank you
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I'm not seeing any value as names here if I'm honest, although I could see the skin one developed.
cybercruisecasino.com was sold for around $100 in 2007. I can't see any other domain similar to cruise.casino getting sold. Dot casino ext has a few good sales. Best one was online.casino at 5 figure. But I don’t think this one has much potential, so my appraisal x to xx.

I can't find any sales with dot skin ext at namebio.

Dot pics ext has total 33 sales, the highest one being sale.pics at $5000, but I can't find any sale similar to celebrity pics.

So last two domains are hard to sell imo.
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