MTV.COM Domain Turns 10

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VERY QUIETLY, the mtv.com domain name turns ten years old this summer. It is with some sadness that I tell this tale since the Mainstream Press has been brainwashed that the Internet = AOL and it is unlikely that M-TV parent Viacom wants to rehash the ugly fight they had with Adam Curry over the domain name.

Still, this is a romantic tale, a tale built on the remarkable vision of one man and implemented by a small crew of people working on a shoestring. When mtv.com was put on-line in the summer of 1993, few either inside or outside of the cliquish Internet community could have ever imagined how far and how quickly the world wide web and all of its bits would come into being.

Read the full story about the birth of the MTV.com domain name at

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Wow, a long time!
Happy Birthday MTV :)
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