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question Motivated or Demotivated?


Which one are you?

If you've had a good year so far in terms of sales, I'm guessing you're motivated right now, motivated to make even more sales and smash last year's result and make this the best year yet!

This year might be your worst yet and you're struggling to sell even one domain - your levels of motivation to even carry on are non-existent and you are just about ready to quit.

How do you feel right now?
I feel motivated, both personally and in terms of industry overall.

Yes, there are clouds that we should all keep track of (e.g. recent UDRP decisions, renewal prices, viability of some industry players, changes in search methodology, etc.), but overall I see a bright future particularly for those who innovate.

Interesting that at end of NamesCon Europe Morgan Linton said he felt very positive about the domain industry based on his experiences there. Several other of the big names seem very positive of late.

I have a feeling that aftermarket domain values will rise sooner rather than later. There are many driving factors, but the two most important I think are publicly reported monster sales - and the rise of brand protection awareness. I think in 10 years that domaining will either have been regulated to death or that the barriers for acquisition decision makers have been broken.
i only sell a few names a year, some years I may let more go, than others

that, keeps me close the middle,
so, no strives for highs, and no sighs for the lows
freeing my self from the stress and pressure to close a deal,
just to meet or exceed a volume from previous year....
is no biggie.


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