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    Hello all,

    I hope you guys are doing great today? I'm looking for all the supports and collaborations I can get for my new project/portfolio at Having sold a couple of domains between $5k - $20k in 2016 and early this year, I decided its time to take my domain portfolio investment very seriously. So, I decided to build to sell my domain names and leverage my branding ability.

    Over the next couple of months, I'm going to be active at NamePros, SnapNames, Dynadot Auction, and other secondary domain and auction markets, trying to snap some of the finest jewel on offer. I'll be targeting 4-L - 7-L English brandable words. I'm a believer in 5-L words and I've sold some of them. We're targeting 10,000 names in the next 12-24 months.

    I'm experienced in building online businesses from scratch and have built and sold some a number of sites, the most recent is

    Right now I'm doing everything on my own from acquisition of names to the conceptualization and designs of both the site and the brand name logos. I'm looking for beautiful people who can partner with me in this project in anywhere they can - on anything. It could be just posting on the site's blog, or acting as a broker and representative. Investors are welcomed, hit me up in anyway you can.

    I also welcome your heartfelt suggestions and head-ups. Checkout the site and contact me. If you have great names on offer, I'd like to see them.

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