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LeTV officially issued a notice days ago that LeTV will launch its new gTLD name which is worth tens of millions dollars being the shortest video site domain. The original domain name is set to jump to the new domain name. There below is a promotional picture:


As a video website, why do LeTV provoke potato chips (Lay’s)? We have to admit, as a marketing trick, it embodies its skilled marketing ability. With only one domain name, it could create several promotional booms.

Since last December, news that LeTV spent tens of millions of dollars on buying has never stopped. At that time everyone was saying that the domain was bought by Lenovo. LeTV did not explain to the public immediately and built a “Le Home ” countdown website with, stimulating public's curiosity extremely.

With the end of countdown, LeTV announced the truth of buying in the global brand upgrade conference. The almost astronomical domain price occupied media’s headlines. At that time, was only set to jump to and apparently LETV was planning another move.

A few months later, the boom of domain name faded and people began to shift their attention. As expected, this time LETV announced that was officially used! It also stimulates people to propagate it by lottery!

From the marketing point of view, the public’s praise and acceptance is the most important thing for advertising by domain name. Few people would think LeTV’s purchasing behavior was silly, however, they have appearantly received many praise and support.

In fact, for users, the most important thing is experience, as for how much money the enterprise spent to enhance the user experience, it is enterprise’s business. Getting users’ recognition by enhancing user experience means getting loyal customer, which is a win-win action.

In recent years, more and more companies begin to use domain names to do marketing, such as,, and so on. These domain names’ prices are usually tens of millions of dollars, which arouses people’s surprise. On the one hand, premium domain name can leave a great company impression; on the other hand, making premium domain name holder becomes multimillionaire overnight, the buyer promotes the development of the entire domain name market.


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I think Rick Schwartz said it some years ago that domain will be the biggest ego trip of all. Now we see it happening in China, with companies bragging about the most expensive domain name that they have bought.
A perfect example is This company is on a major as ad spree and it's run buy a guy that really knows what he's doing. We're in the hedge fund business ( domains as a hobby ) and this company will-imo-be the next Amazon once it's IPO comes out.
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