REQ-LOGO LOGO for ALFABES - Tourist Experiences website - $90 bounty!

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Award date: 10 March 2023

REQ-LOGO (Logo Contest)

Request square (social media) + rectangle versions

Require a vector

No AI-Generated Logos!

Logo is for a startup that connects tourists with local experiences.

The logo should be simple and show the "ALFABES" word along with a visual element.
(ALFABES are the initials of the 7 cofounders)

We are looking for a simple and appealing logo that can create confidence to the tourist to whom we are offering great local experiences (boat tours, historical tours, food and wine taste, etc.).

Example of possible visual elements: Markers, Map, Compass, Paths, QR codes, mix of experiences (i.e. boat + wine + massage etc.) ... or others as you can think of.

Possible Colors: Dark Green, Brown, Orange, Black, White, or others if there is a good fit

For any further questions on the business, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Hello everyone!
I am very sorry for prolonging the decision time, actually I was unable to follow up for personal reasons.
I want to confirm that most of the proposed designs are really great, after several rounds of evaluation with my partners, we have a winner, that is @BagusDesign with this logo:

While apologising again for the delay in the decision, I want to sincerely thank everyone for the effort in participating to this contest, and will be contacting @BagusDesign for the delivery and the award.
Looking forward to the next contest,
CH! thanks for selecting my design.
Logo file have been send.
Waiting the PayPal now.
Payment PayPal received.
Thanks CH
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