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WWW.SXILL.COM marketplace for sale (Domain+Website) !!!

WORLD'S TOP MARKETPLACE WEBSITE FOR SALE WITH 1200+ LISTED GIGS (High Profitable Website). Sxill is a multinational online marketplace for freelance services. Sxill's platform connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire, encouraging a wide range of services in a free market.


Hundreds of features available in this website.

Listed Services are : ➡️Logo & Brand Identity ➡️Art & Illustration➡️Web & App Design➡️Print Design ➡️Visual Design➡️Marketing Design➡️Packaging & Covers➡️Architecture & Building ➡️Design ➡️3D Design➡️Articles & Blog Posts➡️Website Content➡️Research Papers➡️Book & eBook Writing➡️Scriptwriting➡️Translation & Transcription ➡️Proofreading & Editing ➡️Resume Writing ➡️Case Studies ➡️Search Engine Optimization (SEO)➡️Social Media Marketing ➡️Web Traffic ➡️Data Entry ➡️Business Plans ➡️Video Editing ➡️Social Media Videos ➡️Character Animation ➡️3D Product Animation ➡️WordPress ➡️Shopify ➡️Wix ➡️GoDaddy ➡️Custom Websites ➡️Mobile App Development ➡️Web & Desktop Applications ➡️Game Development etc...

ZERO SKILLS NEEDED FOR OPERATING THIS MARKETPLACE. We can show you live traffic through video call, Everh day 2000+ members are visiting through free advertising. Only one time investment for buying this marketplace.You become a big entreprenur with this marketplace.


✅ $50,000+ in 6 Months
✅ FREE Hosting Included.
✅ Catchy Premium Domain: sxill.com..
✅ Listed Marketplace Website files.
✅ All services images
✅ All services content
✅ All seller details
✅ Web Traffic Suppliers details.
✅ No website maintenance is required.
✅ Most of the traffic to this website is free. The winner will get my traffic method.Full and free handover of the business and assets to you.

✅✅Simple and Straight-Forward Steps To This Business✅✅

How Sxill.com works?​

This business runs almost 100% hands free. We rarely receive questions or requests for support.


STEP (1) : When someone Purchases any service in Sxill.com , payment is immediately send to sxill.com account.
STEP (2) : You & seller get the order information with order.
STEP (3) : Seller do the work, you just sit back and relax.
STEP (4) : Work will be finished, seller forward the completed work to buyer.
STEP (5) : Sxill.com get the 40% of the funds and remaining 60% for seller.


At Sxill.com, we offer seller membership plans for those looking to join our platform. Sellers can choose between a 6-month membership for $100, which includes the creation of one gig, or a 1-year membership for $180, also with one gig creation included.
You See? All work is fully done by the seller, you just gather the information and the payment!

I WILL PROVIDE YOU SELLER DETAILS. Seller details will be provided once site transfer is complete.

Both sides Renue from Buyers & Sellers.

In-Depth Traffic Analysis (6 Months)​

Unique Users : 55,593
Page Views : 155,350
You can see in the video call once you are Interested to buy this marketplace. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you

Financial Statistics (6 Months)​

💸 Last 6 Months Profit : USD $50,328 AVG

Sale Includes​

🔶 Domains : Sxill.com.
🔶 Website files.
🔶 Email address.
🔶 All Image + Content files.
🔶 Email subscriber list.
🔶 Inventory (stock).
🔶 Brand assets (logos, etc).
🔶 Unique content.
🔶 All seller details.
🔶 Unique design.

Why we are selling this business?​

The decision to sell this website was not an easy one, but it was made with the best intentions for the website's growth and success. Recently, we have acquired multiple websites and unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to grow all of them to their full potential. We believe that this website has a lot of potential and it would be better for someone with more resources and experience to take over and grow the site. Sitting idle is not an option for us and we want to ensure that the website reaches its full potential. We hope that the new owner will take this website to the next level and build on the foundation created.

After-Sales Support?​

❇️ We understand that transitioning ownership of a website can be a daunting task, which is why we want to assure the new owner that we will offer after-sale support. Our team of experts will be available to provide consulting and SEO advice to ensure a smooth transition and to set the new owner up for success. We want to ensure that the website continues to grow and thrive under new management, and we are committed to providing any assistance necessary to make that happen. We can give 6+ months support to the new buyer.
❇️ Thank you for considering SXILL marketplace as an investment opportunity.
❇️ Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

❇️❇️Additionally, building a website like Sxill from scratch can be a time-consuming process, typically taking 3 to 4 years when hiring a company or team. By purchasing Sxill.com, you can start immediately and benefit from its many features designed for both buyers and sellers. These features include separate dashboards for buyers and sellers, live chat functionality integrated into the website, support for multiple payment gateways worldwide, as well as easy seller and buyer registration processes.❇️❇️


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I have received some great offers, but they are not at the reserved price, so I am looking for the best price for selling.
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