priced Liquidation Sale/ Domains: Quiz, MCQ, Brandable All .com Low price - and many

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EMDs, Exact match domains.
Decent search volume.
Create/build online tools and get advantage of Exact match search query as domain name plus .com extension.

50$ Each
(online tool/calculator to estimate Adsense earnings based on traffic)
(Related to worksheets, you can create online tool or platform for worksheets)
(Related to Fonts)

100$ for 3
( is listed on Hugedomains for around 4000$, Godaddy appraisal quotes 1500$ for, i have not done outbounding for these. i am sure can get decent returns on these if sold as package)

20$ Each
(although godaddy appraises 1st two names worth over 1500$ and 3rd one as least valuable 100$ or less but i think its most valuable one among the 3, i can think of many business options for KeepEngineering in Engineering and manufacturing niche. Its a shame i put it on sale when renewal is almost up, could have easily flipped it through outbounding. Namebio search for its related depicts the same)

10$ Each

(many gems if anyone wants to create a site on multiple choice questions answers, can take advantage of exact match for subject and .com extension. Many options for Quiz platform or Exam/PDF as well. You are paying only 10$ plus renewal)
Free Push :D

(renewal is up next month (Nov 24th, i can push to namecheap account and you can use it, will just need to pay renewal fees)

Renewal: 24th Nov 2023 (prices does not include renewals, you have to pay the renewal fees)
Payment: Payoneer, Stripe, Wise
Registrar:Namecheap and godaddy, so you have to give me same account so i can push domain to same platform.
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