Leaving domaining for now, but wanted to share my experience and sales from the last 3 years

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    I have been tinkering with domaining on the side for about 3 years and have decided to focus on some other projects, but I thought it would be fun to look at my purchases and sales over the last few years and share these with the community.

    I have taken a different approach to most people here, with a strong focus on quick flips and only holding a small number of domains at a time. The intention was to provide a steady stream of additional income, with minimum commitment.

    All sales were conducted on NamePros, with the exception of one - which I will highlight. I am aware that I could have potentially increased sale prices by exploring other platforms, but the intention was to keep my time commitment at an absolute minimum.

    It's worth mentioning that my intention with my domaining was only to generate a little extra cash on the side, hence quick flips. My records also weren't great, so have missed some very small buys and sales off the list, but nothing exciting.

    With all that said, let's begin:
    BUY: $2,200
    SOLD: $3,100

    My first domain was also the biggest purchase price I paid for any domain. Looking back, it was far too much with the intention of doing a quick flip. I sold the domain about a year later, although during that period I did receive lots of offers for around my purchase price, so never felt like I was sitting on a potential loss.
    BUY: $320
    SOLD: $70

    I have no idea why I bought this domain, even less why I paid so much. I got a bit wrapped up in the auction. In the end I just wanted to get rid of it, hence selling for a significant loss. Was a lesson learnt.
    BUY: $40
    SOLD: $40

    Not much to say really. Bought it, regretted it, and sold a few days later for the same price.
    BUY: $15
    SOLD: $40

    Personally I quite liked this domain, but not many other people seemed to share my views. That said, small profit achieved. Was good for confidence building, and reassuring myself I could sell domains for a profit.
    BUY: $15
    SOLD: $20

    Decided not to bother with .nets ever again
    BUY: $40
    SOLD: $5

    Realised after purchasing that io domains can't be used for adult content. Dumped asap.
    BUY: $15
    SOLD: $50
    BUY: $15
    SOLD: $75

    For a while it dead easy to pick up random crypto domains and sell them for a small profit.
    BUY: $45
    SOLD: $650

    Managed to sell this domain less than 72 hours later on a UK domain platform. The original owner has attempted to sell on the same platform, but had no takers. Goes to show how fickle the domain market can be.
    BUY: $20
    SOLD: $48
    BUY: $40
    SOLD: $150

    BUY: $500
    SOLD: $800

    This was a risky one, and looking back I was very lucky to make a profit on it. My previous sale gave me a little too much false confidence. But got away with it.
    BUY: $20
    SOLD: $200
    BUY: $310
    SOLD: $450

    This was a funny domain. I quite liked it. It looked good, but it was a nightmare to pronounce.
    BUY: $40
    SOLD: $40

    BUY: $20
    SOLD: $80

    Ignored my previous promise to myself and bought another .net. This time turned a small profit.
    BUY: $15
    SOLD: $15

    Interest in random crypto domains seemingly dried up.
    BUY: $301
    SOLD: $250

    Was actually planning on using this for one of my own websites, but decided against it. Offloaded at a loss. Could probably have recovered purchase price if I had held on.
    BUY: $1400
    SOLD: $750 (but paid in crypto which I later sold for $2500)

    Another personal project that never got off the ground. Actually sold at a loss, but was paid in Bitcoin when it was around 18k. So actually did really well out of it! I wouldn't have paid 1.4k as a reseller.
    BUY: $7
    SOLD: $35
    BUY: $495
    SOLD: $250

    Don't buy domains after drinking! I actually misread this as VASP, and posted SOLD seconds after it was posted. Doh. Not actually a bad 4L, but as a reseller wasn't worth 500 bucks.
    BUY: $150
    SOLD: $400

    Really liked this domain. Was surprised how cheap it was.
    BUY: $650
    SOLD: $1,100

    Great little 4L. If I wasn't leaving domaining, I'd have held onto it for an End User.
    BUY: $750
    SOLD: $1,500
    BUY: $600
    SOLD: $1800

    My last domain sold! Again, if I wasn't leaving domaining I would have held long-term. Fantastic name, but happy with sale.

    Overall I walked away with around $6,000 in profit, so about $2k per year. Which for a small side income was roughly what I was hoping for.

    Definitely made some mistakes which ate into profits, but by the end I was pretty good at identifying profitable domains and making a return.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the future of my personal adventures in domain buying and selling. As a long-term crypto fan, the last year has been very kind to me and my domain profits have seemed fairly inconsequential. I've also found it harder to get my hands on good domains at a reasonable costs, so we will see.

    Anyway, I hope the above is of interest to people, and thanks to all those I've interacted with over the last few years.
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  2. Tunababa8v

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    You have really done well for a side hustle. But if I were you, I would have renewed and hold and for a long time.
  3. Corey

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    Thank you for sharing & best of luck for the future

  4. AK85

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    as long as you are a crypto fan, you will do fine. Domains shouldn't be more than a hobby, by numbers it shouldn’t be more than 5% of your money 'at most'. it's just not worth it.

    All the money is in crypto, specially now, as a crypto fan myself i would advise you to always diverse your crypto portfolio (but always keep btc at 50% or more of your portfolio).

    I wish you all the best.
  5. secretagentdad

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    Not bad.
    Good to see how a side hustle portfolio that makes a little money looks.

    Roughly how much time and effort you put in?
  6. forge

    forge Living the dream, plus shirts VIP

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    Thanks for omitting the fluff, not exclaiming about some sort of journey, and cutting right to the meat.

    Very nicely presented, honest summary of your experience in domaining.
  7. noneisnone

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    can see your progression from your purchase Thank you for sharing ^^
  8. topdom

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    Wondering what that .uk platform is...

    Looks like you sold all.
    vazp is not bad, it could stand for something like
    virginia z.. project/plan/painting.
    4 letters are always liquid, and this one is better than average despite 2 poor letters.
    And it may be the best one in this list.
  9. iAdam

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. on a side note 3 years is not enough for domaining. i have domains that are much older than that, sometimes it takes time to sell the right domain for the right buyer at the right price.

    Good luck with your future ventures.
  10. frank-germany

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  11. Bob Hawkes

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    Nice to see the full set we often don’t see. I think you made some good selections. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes in your next ventures.
  12. Mister Funsky

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your journey.

    Not bad at all for something on the side...I think you have a knack for this game (but I've made the same mistake after having dinner and a few cocktails at a nice restaurant...thinking of installing a breathalyzer on my computer

    Taking a break will allow you to come back with renewed vision. Best of luck to you.
  13. Samer

    Samer Top Contributor VIP

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    THIS is how you give back, folks.

    Good luck future endeavors mate!

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  14. Jeremiah88

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. You've done well.

    All the best for the future
  15. The Durfer

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    well it will always be here if you want to come back, until its not. So good luck and congrats!
  16. johnn

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    Stop by my house for a beer before leaving.
    My treat.
  17. Akhil M

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    Thanks a million for sharing your sales ! It's been a very Interesting read. I Hope you will come back to domaining very soon. Tc. 😊😊✌️
  18. Pierre Barnard

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  19. lock

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    Thanks for posting i often want to pursue other interests but hey your clear at the moment not holding stock i wish you all the best.
  20. Doughnut

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    Good job. I've found people that deal on the internet, naturally explore other things on the internet, like cryptocurrency. We are a certain breed of person, and I like this breed. An unconventional breed that buy internet names, internet currencies, exploring new tech. Overall, citizens of the internet. Regarding domains for me, it is a love. I own a few premium .com's, as well as a few of the most premium IDN's in Asia, however the market is small for IDN, with very little take-off. I am "very" particular with names. Other domains in my portfolio are mostly fun. In the meantime, profit regardless, I enjoy sentimental value
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  21. 1Darko

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    Thanks for sharing - I think you'll be back soon!

    Good luck!(y)
  22. Ariff BD

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    You didn’t share muvh about selling platform or inbound outbound
  23. DomainRecap

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    So in 3 years of domaining you only ever owned 26 domains and ended up selling them all?
  24. Truespin Domains

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    There's probably another 10 or so that I've missed. As I said, my record keeping wasn't perfect. But they would have been very small sales. I bought a few .me domains for very cheap that I never shifted and let expire.

    But yes, I only ever kept a very small portfolio of domains and relied on quick flips to generate income. I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but it broadly worked for me.

    I also only put a few hours a week into this - as I work full time, have a side business plus dabble in crypto and other investments.
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  25. Truespin Domains

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    I suspect you're right.

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