various Lease To Own (LTO) Sales Report - Domain Name: www .io

Spaceship Spaceship
Domain Name: www .io

Sale venue: Dan
Listing type: Make Offer
Listed price: none
Sale price: $33,000 LTO for 24 months
Purchase venue: Dan
Purchase price: $10,000
Hold Time: 2+ years

The buyer inquired about the name in December 2022 and I quoted him $25,000, but never heard back. Then today out of the blue he said he would buy it if he could pay over 24 months. I told him since last talking, Dan raised their commission so I would do it at $30,000. He agreed, and since it's a LTO for 24 months, Dan added an additional $3,000 to the price.

The name was pointed to a parking page so the buyer found it via searching on Dan.
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