Report Your Leases Of Domain Here - After First Payment received

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    This thread is a central location to report domain name leases of any dollar amount after the first initial payment has been received.

    As much information as you can include about the transaction is welcome, but at a bare minimum please include the domain name(s), the lease received, the expected sale price, and whether you were the seller.

    Good luck with your leases!

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    Do not post only, "great sale/lease" or similar as this doesn't contribute to the thread. (Don't reply for the sole purpose of complimenting.)
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    Suggested template (bold required):

    Domain name:
    Lease/Sale venue:
    Listing type:
    Listing upgrades:
    Asking price:
    Lease price:
    Lease Length:
    Expected total revenue:

    Purchase venue:
    Purchase price:

    Suggested values / explanations:
    • Sale venue: Sold at DAN, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
    • Listing type: Lease Offer, Make Offer, Fixed price ..etc
    • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
    • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
    • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
    • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


    Domain name:
    Sale venue: DAN (2020)
    Initial Payment received (3/2020)
    Listing type: Make an Offer with Buy-It-Now, Lease Now
    Listing upgrades: Featured listing
    Seller: Me
    Asking price: $950
    Lease price: $99
    Leasing Duration ( 12 months)
    Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)
    Purchase price: $25
    Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.

    • If you don't want to provide any other information about the sale besides what you've posted, then include "no further details" or "NFD" in your post.
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