NameSilo (MarkMonitor) dropped then reg. Was this URDP?

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    out of curiosity check the historyo n someone let it drop back in 2015 2015-02-01

    then it was regged by Markmonitor 2 months later. MarkMonitor helps trademark holders "acquire" domains.

    or does MarkMonitor operate like a dropcatch for TM holders?

    So was this a URDP? or one of those "threat letters" that I'm so famous for?

    would since it was registered back in 2013 be free and clear from a URDP?

    just curious what happened. Domain Hosting History -
    Old Hoster New Hoster Month / Year Zone Date Transaction
    N/A MARKMONITOR.COM March 2015 2015-04-01 New
    NAME-SERVICES.COM N/A January 2015 2015-02-01 Deleted
    REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM NAME-SERVICES.COM December 2014 2015-01-01 Transfer
    N/A REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM December 2013 2014-01-01 New

    for that matter what about which just sold for $10,000 recently?
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    Just looks like it expired and Mark Monitor registered it.

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