news Italy starts blocking even more Forex and Crypto Trading domains from operating in their country

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The websites that have been blacklisted by Consob offer trading in forex and CFDs, but the regulator has noted that some of these sites also deal with crypto assets, including both the underlying cryptocurrencies and related derivatives such as CFDs. This confirms that Consob is concerned about the potential risks and regulatory issues associated with crypto trading and wants to ensure that these platforms are in compliance with Italian financial regulations.
The action has been supported by the ‘Decreto Crescita’ law allowing CONSOB to obstruct Italian investors’ access to online brokers. The regulators took similar action throughout the past few years, ordering nearly 1065 domains to be blocked...
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I'm guessing this is more an operating website/entity issue than domain name(s) alone?
Why should i care what Italy does to Crypto?

I’m barely keeping up with SEC U.S. crypto here

Per OP’s link:

They all look like scam websites; the one .com has a hyphen. This reflects nothing on crypto.
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