Is there any worth for One word dictionary domain name other then .com

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    Is there any good worth of one word dictionary domain name other then .com Such as Ex. millisecond.org
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    But it depends VERY much on the specific word and the matching TLD.

    I like one words in .co and .org for example ... but what is good in one is not necessarily good in the other.

    For .co I look for good words for commercial brands .. companies that will want to sell products or services.

    While for .org I look for words people will want more information on .. or things people could form an organisation around.

    Often good words will work for both.

    The more specific the TLD, the less the number of good words/terms have any value with them.

    For example .. fridge.org could make a decent site for information on different types and brands of fridges . .good lead generation for replacement parts etc. But fridge.lawyer is an absolutely garbage and worthless domain name even if both sides of the dot are fantastic keywords individually .. they just don't work together (unless someone drops a fridge on you I guess .. lol)

    Lots of people say they like .net and .org as alternatives to .com .. but you really need to be careful to be sure the word or term matches. (At this point I personally only like .net for anything tech related.)

    MilliSecond.org sounds cool. It even sounds like it could be a cool name for an organisation of some kind. But at the end of the day .. WHO is actually really going to buy that domain? I think potential buyers will be very few .. so even if it seems like a great domain with a nice keyword .. I wouldn't buy it .. I don't even think I'd buy it if it were available for hand registration (although I wouldn't say it was a horrible purchase at $10 .. lol)

    It should also be noted that some TLDs are really not good no matter what the keyword/term on the left. .xyz has a handful of decent sales .. but that TLD is known for spam .. as such few companies will choose to operate on a .xyz because they are afraid their emails will be flagged as spam.

    Non-com domains can be good .. but if you're starting I strongly suggest focusing on .com until you've learned about the various pros/cons and specific quirks of each of the other TLDs.
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    I found almost everything in your post excellent @Ategy.com (as always, I might add - thank you!), but, even though I own not a single .xyz domain name personally, I take exception with this as not supported by current or recent evidence. The pros in analyzing spam are at Spamhaus, they have been doing this for 18 years, have several dozen investigators, and their blocklist is used by more than 3 billion email accounts in the world to protect them from spam.

    The way they do their analysis is they check for activity (like an actual working website, parked don't count) on all the domain names in an extension, and also check on the reports of spam.
    For .xyz 3.7% of operating websites show evidence of spam, for a badness score of 0.33
    Comparing, .com has 5.9% of operating websites evidence of spam, badness score of 0.78
    .net is 6.4%, and a score of 0.71.
    .info is among the worst of the legacy gTLDs, with 24.9% spam active, and 2.91 score

    Therefore it is not supported by evidence, that .xyz is full of spam, as it actually is better, both proportionally and by badness score, than .com, .net and many other.

    I would also add that while I am sure it is true that a few "one person" shops might bounce based on TLD, all of the professionally run big email operations do it based on accounts, not TLDs, and that is the service that organizations like Spamhaus offer in providing a list of accounts to be banned. They do publish for information a "worst 10" list (partly to encourage vigilant supervision by registrars), but that is not how email gets blocked.

    I don't want to detract from your overall excellent post, but it bothers me when .xyz (and .top and others) are badmouthed, even though the best evidence has not supported that, at least for the last year, possibly longer. There may well be reasons not to consider .xyz, but spam is not the reason.
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    I really like play on words with extensions too

    Like - help//us

    those are all definitely gone by now btw
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    Admittedly I don't have any .xyz either .. and very honestly I'm just going based on what I've heard from people here or on various podcasts. It most certainly could be true it's not that bad. It's likely much better now since more than a year has passed since their 1 cent promotion (which was just a field day for potential scammers and spammer).

    That being said .. sometimes "rumours" unfortunately do contribute to the value of a TLD. All I've seen everywhere is that .xyz is garbage. Which alone I wouldn't take at face value ... but I still personally think .xyz just feels junky and unprofessional just because it's "XYZ" letters with no real purpose. So I guess I use all those other bits of semi-accurate information and rumours to justify my semi-uninformed opinion! lol (If that makes any sense).

    I have a bunch of .co (sold a few though) .. and some people similarly feel .co is junk.

    Just goes to show that not everything is "absolute" in the world of domains .. many domains clearly are amazing .. and many domains clearly are junk ... but rather large number are a shade of grey in between. To make things worse .. sometimes clearly garbage domains get a lucky sell .. while a great domain could wait years before getting a single offer!

    So at the end of that .. I take back what I said about the poor and lowly .xyz TLD .. they aren't necessarily garbage .. I just have a personal aversion to them and personally feel nauseous at the thought of ever holding one. But .. in all fairness .. a few people have made some money with really good single word .xyz .. I supposed with a discounted coupon code you could do worse than buy a really solid single word .xyz! ;)
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    These are what are know as spanthe.dot domains. Single terms that cross the dot. They seem to do well. The best are two words that form a single term. For example .. very recently the highest a ngTLD ever (publicly) sold for was home.loans for $500,000!

    Similarly another type of domain is called domain "hacks" .. they are domains where the last (or only) word in the domain ends after the dot. For example:


    I personally prefer the spanthe.dot domains significantly more .. but the hacks do sell also.

    It's always about getting what makes most sense for the TLD .. going back to .xyz .. I think google actually picked up just about the only real domain that "works" with .xyz when they bought abc.xyc. Not real words spanthe.dot .. nor a hack per say .. but it definitely was a clever and memorable domain that makes sense.
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    Yes, there is demand. But all is subjective.

    tents.org - sure thing.
    razor.org - of course!
    wallets.org - I'd buy this.

    millisecond.org - naaah.
    ladles.org - not really.
    Galvanisation.org - probably not.
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    Ladies ???

    p.s. It is owned by Rick Schwartz.
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    best way is check namebio.com for sales
    its always good start point.

    generally, it has to make sense and have some usage potential for enduser.. which millisecond does not have
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    I'd take Ladies. I wouldn't take ladles.org (LADLES). I just had a look at available dictionary names and it was there.

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